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Gram Praudyogik Vikas Sansthan

CAC - Comprehensive Abortion Care

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Location: Nalanda and Vaishali districts of Bihar and Dhanbad district of Jharkhand

Partner: IPAS

About the Project

Women facing unwanted pregnancy have practiced induced abortion since ages in all cultures to varying degrees. But in India unsafe abortions are still reported to be a major cause of maternal death/morbidity, and contribute about 12 per cent of all maternal deaths every year (Registrar General of India, 1990). Abortion is still a word that’s not liked by most women, be it urban or rural India and usually people shy away from seeking medical help from trained MBBS Doctors. They usually visit the local quacks and other unskilled people due to lack of knowledge and proper information. As a result, most of them end up risking their lives.

Village level FGD/IPCC and training on proper information, MTP Act and other relevant knowledge, and Second Generation Training of MBBS doctors is being affected through this Project in four districts Patna, Nalanda, Vaishali and Dhanbad.

There has been a significant improvement in the knowledge of Community, AWW’s and ASHA’s besides the MBBS doctors and has resulted in people accessing safe abortions at Institutional Health Centres by more than 23 per cent.

Services Delivered

  • Understanding administrative structure and government schemes;
  • Government schemes;
  • Facilitate second generation training of service providers (MBBS+ doctors and nursing staff);
  • Sensitisation of community members;
  • Training of health intermediaries;
  • Understanding legalities of the MTP services;
  • Understanding ‘who are the legal service providers’;
  • Sensitisation of rural medical practitioners (quacks) for referrals to institutional services.

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