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Gram Praudyogik Vikas Sansthan

Link Worker Scheme

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Location: Begusarai of Bihar

Partner: TCI Foundation

About the Project

  • To halt and reverse the epidemic in India from 2007 to 2012 is the overall goal of NACP-III, by integrating programmes for prevention, care, support and treatment.

Third phase of NACP III begins with Link Worker Programme

NACP – III = Link Worker Programme

Key points of Link Worker Scheme are identification of key population, ICTC Testing and Link Workers and Volunteers training. Also, establishment of Red Ribbon Clubs, Village Information Centres and Condom Depots.

The Link Worker Scheme:

  • Reaching out to HRGs and vulnerable men and women in rural areas within formation, knowledge, skills on STI/HIV prevention and risk reduction;
  • Increasing the availability and use of condoms among HRGs and other vulnerable men and women;
  • Establishing referral and follow-uplinkages for various services including treatment for STIs, testing and treatment for TB, ICTC/PPTCT services, HIV care and support services including ART;
  • Creating an enabling environment for PLHA and their families, reducing stigma and discrimination against them through interactions with existing community structures/ groups, e.g., Village Health Committees (VHC, Self Help Groups (SHG) and Panchayati Raj Institutes (PRIs);
  • It aims to increase demand generation, service utilization by strengthening referral linkages and community mobilization to address issues of stigma and discrimination among core group and people livingwith HIV/AIDS (PLHA) in the rural areas.

The mid-level healthcare workers (link worker), will be trained to become the second important line of defense against HIV/AIDS. They will be especially important in rural India to reach out to high-risk groups and vulnerable population within formation, knowledge, skills on STI/HIV prevention and risk-reduction. They will form a credible bridge between the patient and the doctor, and the patient and society, and help build a community-centered HIVcare model.

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Services Delivered

  • Identification of new FSW: 237
  • Identification of new MSM: 7
  • No. of New contacted Migrants: 3271
  • No. of New contacted Truckers: 445
  • No. of New contacted Vulnerable men and women: 2524
  • Training of volunteers: 700
  • Meetings with other village functionaries (such as Panchayat, NYK etc.): 12
  • Free Condom distribution through:
    • Condom depots:27630
    • Link Worker:18390
  • Established Red Ribbon Club:-90
  • EstablishedVillage Information Centre:-87
  • EstablishedVillage Condom Depots:-90
  • Linkages and Services:
    • Referral for ICTC : 1701
    • ICTC Testing:470
    • Referral for STI: 789
    • STI Testing:337

Training Conducted

  • Modular-1 training of Link Worker from 12.09.2012 to 17.09.2012.
  • Modular-2 training of Link Worker from 06.03.2013 to 10.03.2013.
  • Link Worker Refresher training from 24.03.2013 to 26.03.2013.
  • 700 Volunteers trained.

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