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Gram Praudyogik Vikas Sansthan

Prototype Project on Development through Irrigation Supplementation and Water Conservation


Location: Udhwa and Barhait blocks of Sahibganj, Jharkhand

Partner: Tribal Welfare Commissioner under Integral Tribal Development Plan of Government of India

About the Project

To ensure better inclusion and empowerment of disadvantaged groups and individuals of community through SHGs (Self Help Groups) and WUGs (Water Users Groups) in order to support institutional and economic development through village level micro plan for effective convergence of resources for comprehensive livelihoods promotion by focusing on agriculture through irrigation supplement, water conservation and land development programme by creating assets, providing substantive technical advice and hand holding support in 16 villages of Udhwa and Barhait blocks of Sahibganj district.

Widespread poverty, illiteracy, absence of irrigation and drinking water and lack of skills and opportunities for income generation are highlights of this extremely backward district of India. The rural population is not only poor but also suffers from scarcity of agricultural land. Though available agricultural land is fertile it does not have irrigation facilities and that’s why it is left unused. As a result, people migrate and work as petty labourers in brick kilns and farms of neighbouring states and elsewhere in the country.

Prototype schemes for water conservation, irrigation supplementation and land development is supporting 848 farmer families to start farming on their own 991 acres of land discouraging migration to other places or states in search of petty jobs.


GPVS is implementing this project by providing technical assistance and creating assets in the shape of:

  • Technical assistance in the shape of training for ‘modern farming techniques’;
  • Irrigation ponds;
  • Dug well;
  • Irrigation well;
  • Lift irrigation facility from river/stream;
  • Assets in the shape of pumping sets, suction and delivery pipes, manures and fertilisers.

Services Delivered

  • Planning and Preparation of DPR;
  • Community mobilisation;
  • Formation of groups;
  • Technical support to community;
  • Creation of assets, dug well, irrigation ponds, lift irrigation installation, pumping sets;
  • Soft support by providing seeds and fertilisers;
  • Hand holding support by providing revolving funds;
  • Creation of users group;
  • Backward and forward linkages.

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