Grameen Parampara Vikas Sansthan was founded in 1994 at Machhriha village, then in Banda district and now in Chitrakoot district of Bundelkhand region Uttar Pradesh.

Bundelkhand’s geographical, topographical and geological profile has a major impact on human life, leading to stark inequalities and abject poverty. The founder of the organisation Shravan Kumar was deeply moved by these, prompting him to set up the organisation.

Since agriculture is mainstay of livelihood in rural areas, GPVS started working in agriculture theme with the intention that improvement in agriculture will lead to betterment of the people. Health component was added to the work, so the mothers were safe, and children survived. This was followed by livelihood interventions.

At present the organisation is working to alleviate hunger and promote safe childhood and shunning of child marriage.

Legal Status

GPVS is a registered society authorised to received money from overseas organisation and individuals. The registration details are:

  1. Society registration number 424/1994-95, valid till 18 December 2024
  2. FCRA registration number 137390005, valid till 30 September 2027
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN) AABAG4301N
  4. Registration under Section 12A of Income Tax Act, AABAG4301NE20211, valid till Assessment Year 2026-27
  5. Registration under Section 80G of Income Taxt Act, AABAG4301NF20221, valid till Assessment Year 2026-27
  6. NGO Darpan ID: UP/2017/0168379, dated 23 December 2017
  7. CSR Registration Number 00033218, dated 3 July 2022)